Senior year of high school is a big milestone in a young person’s life.  I remember having my senior photos done (back in 2003) and there was one guy in my town that everyone went to.  The same old boring poses on the same old boring backgrounds. And prices were insane! I have no idea what my parents spent on my senior portraits but I know it was a hot topic between my parents for a minute.  

But, my mom still has those pictures hanging on her walls in their house.  And everytime I go to my parents, I laugh at my bleached blonde hair. I looked like a member of The Backstreet Boys.

Class of 2020

Well guess what!?  It’s 2019 and things have changed!  I want you to be excited for your senior photos.  I don’t shoot in a studio. I shoot outside in a location that fits your personality.  Yes, we will do some cheesy stuff. Smiling at the camera, blah blah blah. But we will also get the fun, candid shots that you will love.  And they will be great for your social media profiles too.

The Senior Experience // $725


  • 120-ish minutes on-location

  • unlimited outfit changes

  • 50+ photos with digital files INCLUDED

  • 8 retouched images

  • 1 - 18x24” premium solid-faced canvas print ready to hang

  • 24 mix and match 5x7” premium prints of your choice

Hair & Make-Up can be added for an additional $125

What to wear

Bring several outfits.  Bring stuff that fits you well.  Layers work great. Generally, solid colors work best but some patterns can be okay.  I generally stay away from plaids, but you might be able to rock it so bring it. Leather jackets are cool.  Converse are cool. Bring your favorite shirt. Jeans are usually great. Cool sneakers. Uniforms. Jerseys.  I want you to feel comfortable and confident.

Send me your Pintrest ideas and we can re-create it.  Want to look like Kanye or Ariana Grande? Let’s do it.  I’ve got a full studio to give you that high-end fashion look.  These aren’t your typical high school senior photos. Let’s go all out!

What to Bring

Bring your friends.  Bring your family. Bring your pets.  Whatever brings out YOU. Bring your football.  Your basketball. We won’t make it cheesy, but you never know how we can be creative in the moment.

Locations for Senior Photos in Denver

You’ll have to tell me if you want something more natural or if you like urban.  In 2018, kids loved the urban look but it’s totally up to you and what you prefer.  I have a few favorite places I love to shoot in Denver. See my list of locations for some ideas.

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