Denver Senior Photos in RiNo with Anton

RiNo Neighborhood - Denver, CO | RiNo was definitely a popular place with the class of 2019 and I’m sure it will continue to be for the class of 2020.  I did so many senior portraits here! But it is an awesome place for photos and offers such a huge variety of backgrounds for any type.  When I had my senior pictures done (back in 2003), I went to some cheesy studio where the backgrounds were the same as every other kids. And although RiNo was popular with the kids this year, every wall and every nook and cranny is unique and different.  

senior photos in rino with anton downtown denver
denver senior pictures in rino pink
denver senior photos on larimer with murals
senior photos in downtown denver with anton
denver senior photos with anton in rino downtown denver
denver senior photos in rino with chainlink fence
denver senior photos with basketball in rino
denver senior photos in RiNo

I met Anton and his mother at Denver Central Market and we started in the alley behind the Market.  I had a great time getting to know Anton and learning about his achievements in school. And he gets to travel internationally for leadership conferences that he is a part of, which I think is so awesome.  I wish I got to travel internationally as a kid in high school!

We did photos around the Denver Central Market, using all of the murals that worked with his outfits.  After we were done with that, we went over to the nearby park and got out the basketball. Antone loved this as I let him just shoot around and run some drills on me while I took photos of him.  We had a blast and we got some great photos. RiNo really is great as it offers the urban look, while also having a nearby park with basketball and tennis courts.

High School Seniors Class of 2020

If you are looking for senior photos, RiNo is a great place to consider!  It is generally quieter than downtown, although it can get busy. But there are plenty of alleys and side streets to get your senior feeling comfortable. Click the link below to learn more about senior photos in Denver as well as my list of favorite locations in Denver.